TXRASsmart (TX - RAS - Smart)

TX-RASsmart is accessibility plan review and inspection reporting software based on the 2012 Texas Accessibility Standards. TX-RASsmart was developed by Mark Waggoner, Grut Computing Systems, Inc. with input from RAS Sharlynn Keys, APA and RAS Carroll L. Pruitt, FAIA, NCARB, APA. TX-RASsmart provides both plan review and inspection reports in the TDLR format and auto fills most TDLR forms and letters. Some PSU will require minor editing. 

A future release will include project tracking. Reports and letters/forms are exported to Microsoft Word where spell checking and formatting to fit your letter head can be accomplished. 

Price: $549.00 which allows installation on a desktop and laptop for a single user. For licenses beyond two, contact us for pricing. 

The "Full Download" below is the entire application.  "Updates" are patches to any prior downloaded version and only contain the updated files.  The Updates ARE included in the current Full download.

Full Download  Full Download of TXRASSmart 8/16/2012

For more Information:
Sharlynn Keys  (940) 841-2951 
Carroll L. Pruitt  (817) 753-6876 
For technical support:
Mark Waggoner  (940) 894-6623

 Updated on March 19, 2012